# What is Gridfox?

Gridfox is a tool to build simple database applications, in minutes, with no code required. Gridfox provides the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the usability, flexibility & security of a software package.

# How does it work?

In Gridfox you create projects, where each project consists of 4 sections:

Tables - Used to store all the information in your project. Similar to worksheets in a spreadsheet, but with the ability to create relationships between them.

Screens - The website and mobile pages users will use to access your information. Screens types include simple table views (similar to a spreadsheet worksheet), boards and calendars.

Workflows - Allowing you to automate processes such as sending email notifications when records are updated.

User & Group Permissions - Within Gridfox you can manage security by setting up groups and configuring permission to lock down which users can read and update records in each table. You can then add users to groups by using the system to send out email invites.